IMG_1603Grocery shopping is what you make of it.  For some it is a boring necessity in life.  Yet, for others it is the hunting adventure to find all of the ingredients to perform magic at home.  I am not of the latter persuasion.

Instead, I practice my driving.  Those grocery carts are not easy to maneuver.  It takes concentration and experience.  Yes, that is another of saying skill.

Some drive Formula race cars.  Others drive stock cars or drag cars.  Me? I push shopping carts.

When I swiftly negotiate a small opening between an aisle end display and another shopper trying to decide between a 16 oz package and a 24 oz quantity carton, I naturally feel a sense of accomplishment.  Of course  there are the occasional moments when my height can assist my bride in reaching for an item on the top shelf.  My usefulness takes on a new kind of variety.

It is all an effort to distract me.  Time spent in this sort of shop does not excite me.  Nevertheless, it is essential; so I make the best of a neutral situation.

Once in a while, however, there is a funny reward.  When that happens you have to take advantage of the moment.  Comic relief is a valuable asset.

I did a double take.  It was hilarious to me.  Naturally, I laughed.

Racing through my mind were the commercials that she represented.  She sports an attitude respective of her character. It is all in fun.

Who takes a personification of a piece of candy very seriously?  Nevertheless, make-believe, fiction, caricature or product mascot it is all entertaining.  She made me laugh.

M&M’s are delicious.  They are fun to munch on and the featured branding tried to lure me into a purchase.  I just ignored the plea but made sure to snap a photo of this modern-day heroine.

She made my shopping venture fun.  I could smile her without any judgment from prudes or fear of scandalous gossip.  It was all about fun.

Sometime I will munch on a few of these treats.  My bride and I share a package now and again.  We make them last, melt in our mouths, especially when we are at the movies.

These morsels have been around our lives since our childhood days.  Snack sized packages lasted long after Halloween trick or treating escapades.  Now, it’s the leftovers once our neighborhood quiets down from the October festivities.  She’s fun. They are fun.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography