The “maintenance required” light went on in my bride’s car.  That light never comes on at a convenient time.   I am sure that there are gremlins in the dashboard looking for a moment to surprise me with an unscheduled maintenance stop.

Naturally, I pursed my lips, looked out of the corner of my eyes, thought through my next several days and surmised that I needed to get this errand completed quickly.  I would be out-of-town and she would need a dependable rig to be bop around town.  Work, shopping, errands, etc would not wait and called for faithful transportation.

Does anyone relax when they drive vehicle into the dealership for a maintenance check?  Undoubtedly, they will find something wrong.  It will be expensive.

Yeah, considering the alternative, it’s better to get it done while it is in the shop rather than breaking down on the road and trying to get it to the shop during a vacation trip in the middle of nowhere.  That reality doesn’t settle the bracing for bad news.  I have been here so many times before and never come out of it with more money in my pocket than when I went in.

The Service Manager was very polite.  He was cheerful and we had a great time visiting.  Then, I was pointed toward the waiting room.

Lost in my Kindle with a riveting Western novel transporting me into the Wild West, I was surprised to have my cellphone buzzing.  John called me over and gave me the good news first, which was brief, then the bad news which was longer.  The car needed a new fan belt.  That was not so bad.  What was uncomfortable was the leak that was discovered in the water pump.  Groan!  OK, fix it all and I approved the ADDED expense.

He then suggested that I take advantage of a rental car value.  They would be most of the day with our car and maybe even into the next day.  That’s when he assured me that the rental car would be at minimal cost to me.

Bewildered over the impending bill for maintenance, I stepped out of the fog and was standing at the Rental Desk.  With cheer and a smile they set me up with a wonderful rental at an amazing deal.  I slipped into the luxury seat and my bride and I were on a half day unplanned road trip.  Bliss!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography