Houston is my home.  We are the fourth largest city in the good ol’ USA.  That means that there are a lot of people here.

New York leads the nation as the largest city with 8 million people buzzing around the Big Apple.  Los Angeles is second with a 4 million population.  Chicago is third with 3 million.  Houston takes the fourth largest census with 2.1 million people.

While our city is large in numbers it is also large in square miles.  Our numerous Houstonians are spread out over 8,774 square miles. That is a lot of real estate for a single metropolitan area.

My life is severely impacted by this massive concentration of humanity.  It is called traffic.  Cars crowd our roadways in huge numbers, people busily trying to get to their destination.

The night before I am mentally plotting my moves.  If I can avoid the rush hour I will do so.  That congestion danger zone starts just after 6 AM and continues until 9 AM.

Isn’t the solution simple? Go early.  Why not?

It’s not really too tough.  I shower in the dark, dress in the dark and then leave the house sleepy and visually limited.  Sure, I stumble here and there and mismatch my clothes however, people who know me assume that is normal not because I got to work early.

An early arrival gives me a chance to strategize my commute home.  This is a larger challenge than coming to work.  For some reason there are more cars going home than those who came to work on that same day.

Whining only makes the problem deepen.  Instead, I choose to accept the reality of the situation.  Several options are at my disposal.  Each one has come in handy.

First, there is my radio.  It has six presets on my satellite radio.  Each of those presets have several options on them as well.  Thirty-one choice of listening genre are at my fingertips.

Second, one of my favorite choices is the Bible on CD’s.  For as long as 45 minutes I listen to Scripture and meditate on its meaning in my life.  It’s tough to get grumpy with other drivers when you are listening to God’s Word.

Third, I have my cellphone.  Don’t worry, my vehicle is set up with Blue Tooth so I can talk hands free.  Everything can be done by voice command.  I am a mobile office taking advantage of the long commute.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography