My bow felt comfortable in my hands.  The grip could not have been more ideal even if it had been custom fitted for me.  It was just one of those meant to be connections with a mass-produced martial weapon as this.

Held in my left hand, this bow would be managed by my weaker side.  Yet, the weight was deftly balanced with a counter weight and vibration dampener.  Each limb was identical to the other and ready to load up 60 pounds of power to the missile that I would launch.

20 yards out was a cube of dense foam.  It was designed for archery exercises.  The science behind the target would allow this lightweight arrow catcher to absorb countless hits.

The target is in my sites.  I set an arrow in place.  When I draw back, the compound bow lets off and lets me hold the power in place with only half the effort.

My sighting pin is at the bottom of three.  The sun illuminates the pin like it had batteries juicing a miniature light.  Meticulously, I line up my 20 yard sight pin with the target.

Martial artists now blend their mind with the arrow and mentally send it to the target.  It is a feeling, a mood, a sense that it is aligned perfectly.  No one can tell you when to release the arrow.  It is intuitive.

I squeeze the trigger release.  Amazing power suddenly explodes in silence.  The arrow speeds toward the target at 210 feet per second.

In less than 1/3 of a second there is a distinctive “Thwack!” when the arrow buries itself in foam target cube.  My bow leans forward slightly, weighted by the balance and the follow-through.

Then, with eyes locked on the target I nocked another arrow.  Without glancing down, I attached the trigger just by feel.  The motion to draw the second arrow, tuck the string and align the sights was merely an extension of my body.

Again the release was smooth and fluid.  In flight the arrow as just a blur.  It too stuck in the foam block with rattling force.

Again the motion repeated itself. A third arrow vibrated slightly as it penetrated the target.  Then, a fourth, fifth and sixth arrow hit the block.

Beyond the outstretched arm of man, an extension has been bridged.  An art has been formed between mind and matter. There is a blend that the image of God is able to experience with concentration and focus.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography