Most of my attempts to buy store-bought cookies is a surrender.  These mass-produced morsels are usually a major disappointment.  You have heard of the popular ones.   In fact you most likely have eaten them, even liked them.

Now do a quick honest comparison.  When you have home-made cookies, there’s no comparison, right?  NO comparison.  Those made by mom, auntie, granny or sweetheart are just in a different class by themselves.

Life gets busy, though.  Sometimes those wonderful bakery morsels are few and far between.  That’s when store-bought cookies can give you a ration between home-made treats.  They never compare but they will do in a pinch.

Recently, we were wandering around in a newly opened specialty store.  It is a new grocery store to Houston.  We were familiar with this destination store during our days in Michigan and California.  It is called Trader Joe’s.

In the past we were regular visitors to this establishment.  They have unique products.  No they aren’t a massive box store, but their selective options make it a fun destination.

One of the options that makes this store unique are the “store-bought” cookies.  Yes, they are different here.  In fact I would say that they are good, very good!

When God made man, He gave us taste buds.  They let us know when something that we eat is good or bad, enjoyable or not.  We took a chance and bought some caramel pecan cookies.

After a long day and many chores completed, we relaxed for the last couple hours of the day.  We opened the package of cookies and each tried one.  Shazaam! They were good!

Quickly we closed the package and sealed it tightly.  We didn’t want to overindulged on this new discovery.  Now it is ration time.

Before the course of time makes these delicious treats stale we will consume them as our occasional dessert.  It is fun to anticipate something that had such a good impression on us both.  Do you remember the last “really good” store-bought cookie that made you pause?

You take an initial bite into the confection.  There are no real expectations of anything remarkable.  Past experiments satisfied a moment of flavor enjoyment but there is something missing from store-bought cookies that makes every subsequent experience flat-line on the experience meter.

This time there is a surprise.  Our taste receptors sing!  We look down at what we are eating, even if it means breaking off a conversation with someone or taking our eyes off a book that we are reading.  No tells us to mark this moment but cookie reminders in our brain tell us to bookmark this selection.  Yum!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography