IMG_1686Our route was new for us.  Linda, our GPS navigator announcer, was leading us down streets that were close to major freeways but we had never been underneath nor on frontage roads like this in our past.  Others knew the route and raced to secure a lane that left me watching alertly for options along the way.

Suddenly, below the Sam Houston Beltway 8 I saw a vision that captured my eye.  A parking lot was filled with all kinds of vehicles.  Scurrying around in that lot were many people all on bicycles.

Dozens of riders were going back and forth across a bridge clearly designed for pedestrians and riders only.  There were serious riders mixed among the casual cyclists.  Excitedly, I pointed at the gathering point to my bride.

The next chance that I had I was on the computer looking for this location and wondering where the route led, how to get on it from my side of town and wondered how long it was.  Eureka!  My search engine struck gold.

The Buffalo Bayou Bike and Hike trail travels East and West.  No motorized vehicles are permitted.  Feet and pedal power is the limitation.

Three miles from my home I could pick up the trail.  I had passed it a number of times and wondered where it would lead.  Now was the time to explore.

IMG_1683My Fuji mount was ready to go.  It carried me South of Westheimer Rd to a marked cross walk.  Blinking lights warned motorized traffic to watch for pedestrians and bicyclists who were crossing the road.  I turned on to the pathway heading East.  It was a work day so I only had a limited amount of time to explore the possibilities.

Initially, I was not liking the trail much.  It would weave in and out of shrubbery areas making it very difficult to see any oncoming traffic.  That meant that the ride was very slow.

After a mile or so, the trail started to straighten out.  I picked up speed, negotiated a few street crossings and called out an alert to pedestrians.  It wasn’t long before the trail entered the George Bush Park from the SW corner.  Now, I was sailing.

Mile melted after mile.  Excellent concrete bike roads made for a quick ride.  There enough easy turns and twists to make the journey interesting.  Now, if the wildlife would just stop being so shy the ride would have been fabulous.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography