IMG_1631It is virtually impossible to drive on a Texas freeway system and not see an advertisement for the next Buc-ee’s (pronounced Buck-ee’s).  When we moved to Texas last year we passed at least two of these gas stations.  While we never stopped I never forgot what a curiosity they were.

During a number of conversations with the locals who spend time on the road, we were encouraged to stop by and take a look.  I would always ask, “What kind of place is it?”

People would respond, “It’s sorta like a gas station.  Only it’s on steroids.”

That description always got people laughing.  After the roar of the crowd died down, people would agree that that was a


good description.  Finally, our travels took us for a visit to Buc-ee’s.

Of course we filled up with gas.  Then, together we entered the store under the sign of the giant beaver.  Does Texas

IMG_1626When we stepped into the store, we both exclaimed, “Wow!”  It was a gas station on steroids!  A long corridor was lined with household products, cowboy and cowgirl wear, outdoor supplies, hunting gear and hats galore.  That’s just the first half of the store.actually have beavers in its Eco-system?

The other side of the store is all about food.  There is a deli, fudge counter, grill with computer screen for self-orders, popcorn of every imaginable flavor, candy, nuts and every other kind of confection that you can create with your sweet tooth.   I stopped to take a look at the western wear.

There was a hat or two that I liked.  Some of the outdoor gear looked really good too.  A pair of boots caught my eye but I have all the footwear that I need back at home.

The variety of jerky made my mouth water.  Meat sticks tried to beckon me closer for a whiff but I resisted.  While I picked up several bags of popcorn, I put them all back.

IMG_1625We found some trail mixes that accompanied us home.  A sausage on the stick made it into our car as well.  Fudge topped it all off with a cheery smile.

Before we made the long trip back home it was time to visit the restrooms.  You have not been in a public restroom until you have seen a Buc-ee’s restroom.  They are amazing.  How can you be amazed at a Men’s Public Restroom?  You gotta see it.  It’s like a Restroom on steroids.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography