IMG_1705Fresh is the word that often comes my mind when I think about heading out to enjoy a
Vietnamese meal.  The food is full of flavor dominated with mounds of healthy raw vegetables.  There is no greasy after effect when we leave an eatery specializing in this favorite menu.

Beginning the meal with fresh rolls is a must.  There is nothing deep-fried about these.  Instead, they are wrapped with rice paper.  Inside are variations of shrimp, roast pork or Asian Sausage.

Add a little cilantro, lettuce and lemon grass and you have a winner.  Dip the pre-meal morsel in peanut sauce and you IMG_1706IMG_1709always get a human reaction, “Yum!”  Meals are about flavor, fresh and fun.

Guys like the meat.  There is not just plenty to be served but it is also bursting with flavor.  Long generations and passed on recipes give each new generation a chance to spread the wealth.  It is worth spreading.

Seafood is a specialty.  Whether it is delicious crab, crayfish, shellfish or fresh fish fillets these choices melt in your mouth.  This is really finger licking good.

Sure, deep-fried foods have a unique flavor.  It is popular fare.  Vegetarian options  mix nicely on the option chart.  Crunchy with flavor make for a great combination.

Fruit choices make you smile.  Curiosity of unique options come parts of the world that share their favorites.  They are IMG_1708good, very good.

Dessert can’t be beat.  Add some custard options and the meal is a winner.  It will be sure to lure IMG_1712you back.

Are you cosmopolitan in your meal palate?  Make sure you enjoy the world cuisine.  When you do carve out a little slice for Vietnamese cooking.  You will be very glad for this introduction.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography