IMG_1731The grocery store is a neutral kind of place for me.  I surely don’t have aversions for going there.  At the same time it is not a destination that I choose because I enjoy walking in and taking in the place.  Simply it is neutral or benign.

Since I have no expectations once I arrive, then I am open to being entertained.  Readily I will laugh, smile, chuckle or pause to admire something totally unexpected.  It is like a free surprise without a birthday, anniversary or holiday involved.

I rounded a few end displays.  My shopping cart driving was as good as ever.  That’s when a vision captured my attention.

At first I was surprised.  It could not be what I thought I was seeing.  Quickly I changed the course of my shopping cart exploration and headed to this vision of attraction.

Our local grocery store has a very nice floral section.  Arrangements, potted plants, balloons and gifts line the shelves.  For any occasion there are options for any shopper.

This addition was a sight for hungry eyes.  There were not flowers in these arrangements.  Yet, they were very colorful.IMG_1732

An aroma was bountiful with these creative gift pots.  I could inhale this kind of fragrance with a genuine smile.  In fact I could read the individual decorations with fond memories.

These could very well be an option for celebrating someone’s special day.  I have already made a mental note of this as an option.  In my line of work remembering special days for special people is a constant.

Perishable is part of the delicacy of such offerings.  While this gift option would not last forever, it had a shelf life that surpassed most flower arrangements.  A potted plant would beat it out though.

Personally, I liked the peanut butter cup option.  Straight chocolate would not be a turn off.  Certainly, a collection of nut bars was a winner in my book.

It was a fun option.  If a gift is supposed to make someone smile, then, this selection certainly filled the bill.  Buy someone a candy bar bouquet.  It will certainly make them laugh and grin and thank you profusely for your thoughtful yummy gesture.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography