IMG_1745Over the years and through a number of different work situations, I have had the satisfaction of employing an Administrative Assistant.  There have been many over the years whom I have trusted, conferred and managed.  So many of them displayed an intense work ethic.

Michelle, my most recent AA, came into my office and told me what I already knew.  She was leaving.  I understood, expected it and accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do to change the circumstances of God’s clear leading in her life.

We chatted for a while and laughed a lot.  Our musings allowed us to relive some special adventures together.  They were fun days in our past partnership together.

I have never had an assistant who could win the favor of so many people so quickly.  She is truly a gift from the Lord.  Her impact will linger long after she is gone.

Whenever we had a briefing, she came into my office with eagerness.  “How may I help?” was her standard inquiry.  Together we would work out a strategy and lay out a tactical plan.

She had a way of making me feel like I never had to give a project a second thought.  Once Michelle set her mind on a task it was as good as done.  Not only was it done but it was done with excellence.

God had given her an amazing history of experiences to equip her to make executives have freedom to go about their agenda.  The relief that she created with her skills and cheer are amazing.   More people complimented me when they interacted with her than any employee I have ever had the privilege of managing.

All of us who receive administrative help talk about the highest commendation of all: a servant-heart. She personifies this quality.  Regularly she looked for ways to make my duties easier, run smoother, have the resources to carry out my tasks and to make me and all those around me laugh and smile while we did them.

The day that our team gathered and heard the announcement of her resignation, I could see the sadness, sense the disappointment around the room.  Great people have that effect on others.  Michelle set the bar high for everyone in the office.

Everyone saw it, felt it and sensed it.  She had talent and skill.  Add that to her intentional heart to be a servant and the sum is excellence.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography