IMG_1778Four of us climbed out of our friends vehicle.  We had found a great parking lot at the A.D. Players Theater lot near Kirby and W. Alabama Street in Houston.  This was a totally new venture for us.

Our friends were all smiles as they prepared to introduce us to the acting troupe’s current performance.  Live stage is always mesmerizing.  Few forms of entertainment can surpass this kind of acting in real-time.

I gazed at the marquee and asked Tom if this facility served as a second purpose to house the First Church of Texaco.  Referring to the sign  with a nod an awkward silence followed.  “Actually, that’s the name of the play that we are going to see tonight.”

With instant reaction I laughed at my folly.  No use wasting blood rushing to my head just to become a beet red blushing dolt.  A raucous laugh let everyone enjoy my misdirected inquiry.

Together we took our seats.  The Christian influence is throughout the play.  Living our faith in good times and bad was woven throughout the play.

One nerdy shy brainiac high school student, Stanley Presley, returns to his home town of Blessing, TX.  His apparent purpose to move his international headquarters to this tiny town seem most peculiar; nevertheless, he presses on.  It is clear from the outset that Stanley is not a nice man, in fact he is an egotistical buffoon.  We in the audience easily dislike him.

He has his assistant hire a secretary.  It is peculiar to the audience that Alice is carefully studied and well-known by Stanley.  Communication is short-circuited at several  key points during this story.  Each one was met with stunning levity and audience laughter.

Instead of keeping his clever plans focused, Alice makes him spill the beans of his romantic interests in her from their High School days.    Stanley never approached the beauty queen and business entrepreneur.

Communication wires get crossed, gossip emerges and low and behold Stanley who has set up shop in the abandoned gas station attendant.  Locals think that a new church is starting at the old Texaco gas station.  Furthermore, they spread the word that the new pastor is Rev. Elvis (Stanley) Presley.  The laughs keep pouring out.

Stanley deals with a wayward assistant and a travelling solitary pilgrim to launch his ministry career.  His real heart is to woo Alice, his High School crush.  It was hilarious.  The play was clever.  It was a wonderful evening.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography