Life is rough.  We all have regrettable moments, scars from unpleasant encounters and nightmares of distant horrible episodes.  Nevertheless, grace changes the focus.

There are no magic pills that wipe out the past from our memories.  History has a way of solidifying facts permanently recorded some where in the recesses of our minds.  That reality, however, does not have to be our focus in life.  That is the option that grace gives to us.

Instead, just as the Apostle urges the Corinthians at the end of his second epistle to them, they can concentrate on a life that rejoices.  It does not matter where we have been, what we have been through or what stresses we are facing rather what is amazing about life is that we can choose cheer over gloom because of what Christ has done for us.

The final appeal for believers is for an optimistic outlook.  This encouraging disposition despite their fragmentation as a church and their divisions as a group of local believers hope never dies.  Grace gives each of them a chance to change the direction of their fellowship.

This Scripture calls for believers to be restored.  That is it is a call to be complete.  Each believer in Christ is on a building project for life, to become mature or complete in their faith.

There are times when we do not have the blessing of others around us to bolster us up.  Instead, we are alone.  Even then with the Holy Spirit it is enough to admonish ourselves, choose to be positive or select a perspective that makes us press on.  Sometimes encouragement is simply a personal choice.

Then, together with other believers we can enter the amazing world of unity.  Sharing the depth of peace with God and His love a strength emerges that will shake the world.  Let that communion be sweet, meaningful and stunning.  Find strength in the larger to which all of us who serve Him are a part, members with each other by His amazing grace.

It is all about grace.  Our humanness, our sin has gotten the way.  It has disrupted and destroyed so much.

Life does not end with our failings. Rather, the grace of God has changed it all.  He changed the inevitable ending.

Love is the new way of real life.  This course is selfless. It is never about ego or title.  God is at the center and it is there where He belongs.

2 Cor. 13.11-14