IMG_1780Several people gave us directions to our faraway destination.  We politely listened to everyone’s contribution.  There was no shortage of advice on what route to take.

Getting us out-of-town was not much of a problem.  All of the directions had similar turns, landmarks and freeway numbers. I have lived in Houston for 8 months and know which way to go to leave town.

Arriving at the precise destination was a little more tricky.  People gave us three different towns to enter into our GPS.  I tried all three.

My GPS did not recognize any of those addresses, nor did it link any of those towns with is store house of geographical sites. I was getting a little confused.  Finally, we opted for an intersection that we knew we needed to find and make a Westerly turn.

I was thoroughly enjoying our country drive.  We were travelling in a Northerly direction toward Livingston on Highway 59.  The Houston flat lands transformed into undulations.

Pine Forests grew with every passing mile.  Wildlife began to make their appearances.  The sun danced between the boughs of the trees.

We turned on to a Highway just like the primary instructions guided us.  Our Texas paper map matched our bearings.  Soon we would see our destination on the left, the Southern side of the road.

Our arrival time left us with a lot of extra time.  Knowing that we had time to enjoy our surroundings, we continued West.  That is when I dramatically slowed down, safely coming to a halt in the tiny parking lot of a peculiar building.

It was like we were thrown back in time.  I fully expected that a hitching rail for horses once was out in front of this U.S. Post Office.  A blue drop box was on the corner of the highway, giving locals a landmark to get ready for the turn.

Of course Old Glory flew proudly on the flag pole.  She waves over every US Post Office building.  It is as much a landmark as a symbol of our great nation.

The rustic clap boards that gave this historic building its Western charm show the weather from decades gone by.  Now, a modern ramp to satisfy A.D.A. requirements is part of the facility.  The front covering is warped giving personality to this structure.

Maybe the barred windows tells of its wilder days.  Without any fanfare or neon signs, it has a business sign and its obligatory zip code.  Charming, simply, charming.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography