IMG_1782We were walking on the grounds of a campsite three hours to the north.  The sun welcomed a friendly stroll through the woods.  Tall pines shaded us from the afternoon sun.

There was plenty of scenery to entertain us along the way.  There were tiny little children, giggling and laughing during their afternoon play time.  New friends stopped to exchange a few words here and there.

Large beetles climbed over stones that were in their way to wherever their destination lay in the distant grounds around us.  A green chameleon darted around a rocky gathering of stones and scampered up a wooden post, trying to hide from human eyes.  Wasps buzzed overhead looking for the entrance to their latest nest site.

Then, we passed a car port.  It had a covering and a rail along the sides to mark boundaries.  That’s when I had to stop and laugh.

Juxtaposition is the term that describes oddities or poignant comparisons.  Very few words are necessary.  Visually, the proximity of a pair or number of items make the point both vivid and self-evident.

Some times it is a matter of ideas.  Other times words make the comparison.  Yet, a photograph serves the purpose.

This time for me it was a picture.  Parked inside of this car port was a Chevrolet Corvette.  This is a prime car making many a person salivate and dream of revving up the engine and peeling rubber on the nearest straight away.

It is a vehicle that harnesses legal power in a performance automobile that has been a favorite of car lovers for generations.  The first word that comes to the mind of many desire this machine is power.  A Chevy Vet boasts 430 horsepower in its standard engine.

Now, in this photo, juxtaposed together is a reason to chuckle.  A very powerful stock car with is high performance engine is resting.  Next, to it on the rail of the car port is a single saddle also resting.

What an amazing comparison.  Both give rides.  One is just very fast and the other is very versatile.  Together the make an almost comparison.  That is the fun in juxtaposition.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography