IMG_1826Procrastination is an ugly word.   Who ever invented that nasty term?  It must have been someone with an evil sadistic streak in them.

There are people out there who get their jollies making other people squirm.  No, it is not that they feel joy in their spirit when they inflict pain on others.  That would be too normal.  The rest of us like the sensation of delight that comes from do something that helps others, gets ticked off as a project-well-done or leaves a legacy for others coming after us to enjoy.

Sadistic types like to hurt others.  They feel that what they have done is “right”.  It must have been someone like that who invented the word procrastination.

“Putting something off for a better time” is this the definition of that horrid term?  Stop laughing, you and I, we feel the scourge of this word.  Give us a reason to achieve a goal and we will get it done . . . eventually.

What is  wrong with relaxing while planning on getting a project done? The I.R.S. is busy too.  No use stressing our Federal Employees.  They work for us, after all.

So, if the deadline is filing our tax returns by midnight on April 15, what is the big deal about turning them in early?  Oh, some tout the amount of interest that you do not give up to Uncle Sam while he is getting free use of our tax dollars for three and a half months.  Sure, there are bright people who can figure that kind of stuff out while the rest of us are trying keep our bills paid each month.

Aside from that miniscule financial picky detail, why else do we make everyone feel badly who haven’t yet turned in their taxes?  When we were in school and taking a test, no one got extra credit for turning their examination early.  In fact our teachers told us to take our time.  If we happened to finish early, then we should go back over the test and check our answers.  Is not this April 15 just like that?

We could actually make a game of it.  We could plan our filing, plot out the local post offices just in case the lines are too long at one or the other, then make a final dash just before midnight to grab as much “our time” as possible.  No, I am not of that stripe either; I already finished my taxes too.