IMG_1824The garage is a mystery to us all.  For some reason it was originally designed for the housing of motorized vehicles.  Gradually, over time this treasured space became the default storage center for the All-American family.

So many boxes and seasonal items were stacked inside that eventually the cars stayed on the driveway outside of the garage.  It is only the determination that comes during the Spring cleaning feelings of guilt and procrastination that this designated space can be reclaimed.  When space is organized and items are visible and accessible, something special happens inside of our soul; we experience gratification.

The trick to getting the garage organized is the uncompromising commitment to freeing up floor space.  Stacks of stuff that are allowed to pile up on each other will grow like a weed.  It will be subtle growth but over time, stacks attract more things and then more stacks are born.

I sat on a chair and thought through how I could organize my garage, reclaim floor space and reduce the clutter.  One wall in my garage was clearly underutilized.  I imagined shelving and a long clothes rod.

A trip to the hardward store on my day off was all that I needed to get started.  I picked up the supplies that I needed.  I was concentrating on the plan.

Once back in my garage I did a little demolition.  This required a crowbar and hammer.  However, after a little elbow grease and grunting, I was able to clear the wall of all previoous hooks, shelving standards and limited storage options.

In place of everyting that I took down, I put up a lot more.  Multi-level shelving grew on the wall.  Variations of the  available space made room for odd shapes and oversized items.  Once the shelving standards were up, I placed custom cut common 1×12 boards.

Standing back I gazed all of the space to store necessary items.  With great delight I stacked and stored items on the newly designed space.  Now, there was more storage space than items that I needed to find a home.  How weird is that?

I sat down.  My back was hurting from climbing the ladder, lifting things on to the shelves and twisting in odd directions in order to install the shelving brackets.  My jackets no longer had to lay on tables in piles.  Now, they could hang in the air and breath.