IMG_1793There are enough busy things in life to keep occupied with our faces in front of a computer, hands feverishly recording data or utterances that could keep a dozen people listening for weeks without a break.  Who, however, wants to live that way?  Most of  us need to come up for air and breathe in some of the amazing things around us.

Hours away from my desk, I took a stroll with my bride.  We talked with each other and enjoyed the amazing world of creation around us.  Some of what we saw was common, nevertheless, it was all beautiful.

I like to look up.  For some reason when I am surrounded by sheet rock, textiles and made made furniture, I tend too look down.  When I find myself in the hands of creation, I remind myself to look up.

There was a tree.  It was one of many.  After all, we were in the Pine Forests several hours NE of Houston.


Often I have thought that the best that man can do when he puts pen or pencil to paper is to draw a straight line.  Or as a carpenter builds a house, his greatest skill may very well be in his ability to cut a straight line.  The creator very clearly has this straight line business down to a creative science.

A tall tree captured my attention for a brief moment.  The trunk was so straight.  Some would say as straight as an arrow, a shaft shooting straight up into the sky.

A few moments later, we had turned our direction into the sun.  Its rays danced between the boughs of the trees.  When its light shone down it was powerful.  I could feel its warmth.

Glancing toward the sun, the stunning brightness was calling for attention to its own beauty.  Light is God’s way of showing us the way.  We all would prefer the light over darkness, especially when it comes to our personal eternity.

IMG_1791Momentarily, I did glance down.  An unusual shape gave me pause.  It was nothing like the stately trees.

This plant was all about its leaves.  They were not needles like the pine trees.  Nor were they round, oval or drop-shaped like so many bushes.

These were  plants with leaves like fans.  There perfectly proportioned leaves radiated out from a center point, perfectly balanced and symmetrical.   All of these ember of the plant kingdom are a wonder in creation, so common yet amazing in its display.  Look and you will see it too.
photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography