IMG_1806The crowds of people were growing.  More and more cars were arriving.  Each one was filled with weary workers who eagerly anticipated a weekend full of fun, fellowship, spiritual insight and personal challenge.

Every time I turned there was someone new to meet and greet.  Since I was one of the invited guests, I had scores of names to remember, stories to hear and chances to engage new changes in the lives of people whom God was actively working.  The job of a speaker goes way beyond the delivery of a timely message.

We were escorted to our room.  There we settled in for a busy weekend.  It was a familiar task that we have done many times in the past.  Soon we were done and returned to the lodge to meet more people.

I connected with those who were organizing the retreat.  We were registered and introduced to many of the key players.  Early on we laughed and expressed our appreciation for so many who worked so hard to make this event a reality.

It was time to retreat to our room and review my message for the first session.  My mind was beginning to shift away from the conversations and concentrate on the words for the lead-off sermon.  It is a shift that I have trained myself to make my entire career.

Then, something special happened.  We left the building through a back entrance.  My eye caught something unusual, out-of-place, in contrast to what was normal.  It was on the window of the door that we had just used to exit the auditorium.

Carefully, I slowly let the door close.  Hopefully, I would not disturb this remarkable life form resting on one of glass panes.  I had never seen anything like it.

I pointed it out to my bride.  She marveled.  Automatically, we both prepared our cameras to photograph the sight.

Naturally, we started a good distance away.  Then, since it was seemingly undisturbed, we brought our lens closer and closer.  It posed without any sign of panic.

It was a moth.  Yes, a simple insect with wings.  However, it looked like a leaf from a tree.  Clearly out-of-place with its natural camouflage on a man-made door, it stood out.

Others gathered to see what had captured our attention.  There were collective “Wow’s” and several “Oohs”.  Naturally, there was one who waved off the interest, “It’s only a bug.”  None of us were deterred.

Yes, it was a common insect.  Nevertheless, it was very cool.  Creation is always cool.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography