IMG_1824It has been nine months since we moved to Texas.  Our house is getting that “at-home” feeling more and more.  Sitting down and relaxing after a hard day of work is very relaxing.

My bride and I have worked steadily to make this our haven of refuge.  It makes the commute home worth the trip.  A welcome destination is a wonderful anticipation.

However, there is one part of our home that  was nagging for attention.  It was our garage.  Have you noticed how this location in a home becomes a magnet for storage, a collection point for priceless stuff and a warehouse for “we-will-find-a-place-for-it-eventually items?

Periodically, I would pause and gaze over my garage.  It was frustrating to see the growing piles of boxes and collection of necessities.  The latter group was multiplying.

The back wall of my garage had some adjustable shelves in place.  They were minimal and would have to be realigned and expanded to organize my stuff.  Using these standards would require some work.

When these shelves were installed, the standards were not screwed into the wall.  Instead, they were nailed into the wall.  If I was going to use them I would first have to pull out those nails.

On a day-off, I tackled the project with a vengeance.  First, I grabbed my two crowbars and a hammer.  The nails that held the standards on the wall would not win this confrontation.

Swinging my powerful hammer against the curve of the crowbar, I felt the resistance of the nail.  It  had held tightly for years and was not about to surrender easily.  I adjusted the angle of the crowbar to get a good bite on the head of one of the nails.

The boom of a powerful hammer blow was answered by the squeak of a nail giving up ground.  Enough of a head had risen above the standard.  Now, it was a matter of time.

Four nails later and the standard was free.  The other standard took an equal amount of sweat and pounding from my tools.  Four more nails gave way.

Now, my garage wall was blank.  After measuring, marking and drilling I added more standards.  Then, I placed the brackets at key junctions.  Finally, I laid the 1×12 common board shelving and I was done.

After organizing a few items, I put them all in place.   My garage floor was reclaimed.  The shelving  had done its job.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography