IMG_1902Our stroll through the Texas Hill Country promised endless fields of Blue Bells.  Vibrant flashes of Indian Paintbrush was the expected highlight of our first foray into this magical region of our newly adopted state.  All of us Flatlanders were looking forward to the newly welcomed undulations of changing elevations.

Promises were underdelivered.  I could see the beginnings of the Blue Bells.  However, it would be a day in the future when their color exploded on the landscape.

The Paintbrush was not yet developed either.  On this beautiful weekend, the sun shone on green fields like a canvas ready for the Creator to display His remarkable display.  Maybe I can make a return trip soon.

This trip was not a total loss.  Sporadically, a cactus was offering the only show in town.  New growth and an eruption of color made my camera feel like snapping.  Proportions and shapes were amazing.

Admittedly, I did laugh.  The new growth from the cactus almost looked like someone had glued brussel sprouts on the pans.  In an odd sort of way,it seemed right for the plant to have such peculiar appendages.

Colors beside green were very subdued.  Nevertheless, the shades of green were reminders that this was the dominant color of a plant what was a factory for oxygen.  We can be grateful for this special cycle of life.

IMG_1901Old growth from this aged plant were lower to the ground.  The color was deeper.  Wounds from some kind of damage had scabbed over.  Time had made this ancient life find a territory and it would continue here for time beyond the onlooking humans.

Someone might wrongly assume that this plant was tired in its age.  The prolific new growth would dispel that assumption.  Rather, all of us slow moving silver-haired humans would instead smile.  Hope would gather slowly in our veins and we would breath deeply.  We have an inspiration from the high dessert of Texas.

Thank you, Mr. Cactus.  You gave us all a reason to keep popping our sprouts and presenting our newness with each new season.  Keep our tired old scars down on the lowside.  Let us instead, stand up tall and show off the freshness in our lives for every new day.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography