IMG_1764The night was interrupted by the howling wind.  Darkness shrouded our neighborhood.  That was normal, but it was too early.

We were snug in our home.  Out of our home the powerful gusts were shaking trees, rattling our windows and whistling through the air.

A storm was passing through Texas.  It engulfed our city like a small blip on a massive meteorological doppler radar screen.   The thought of assessing property damage in the morning was on my list of things to-do.

Through the night I slept soundly.  There was nothing that felt dangerous for us.  We were well protected.  Even our emergency supplies were in order.

When the sun rose and roused us from our sleep, I chose to scan out of our windows and see if the neighborhood was in good shape.  Our street was littered with leaves, branches and few outdoor items from the neighbors.  Nothing stood out as major damage.

My bride called me to look into our backyard.  The wooden fence between us and our neighbor was hanging by a few bent nails.  A slight residual wind rocked the structure back and forth.

I pulled on my boots, donned a jacket and settled a hat on my head.  Then, I stepped into the morning air to inspect the damage up close.  It was time to call up the repairman.

One of the fence posts had snapped at the base.  Finish boards were lying strewn on our lawn.  Large gaps were now open and our neighbors dog was eager to explore his new boundaries.

Our neighbor held back her rambunctious canine friend.  He squirted out of her grasp and he squeezed through an opening and romped in our yard, thrilled at the availability of the new pasture.  It was short-lived; his master grabbed him and tied him up at home.

Just as a temporary fix, she reattached boards to cover up the holes.  Her dog whimpered.  The boundaries were reset.

My call to the fence company was short.  They were inundated with calls.  The mighty wind had done a lot of damage in the neighborhood and in our city.  This company would be very busy for a long time.

It has been a long time.  We have been patient just like the company had asked us to be.  Our picture of our fence had drawn their interest.  They want to help.  For us it is time to bring them in and mend a broken fence.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography