IMG_1932Seven men, all from different backgrounds gather together to become one in heart.  Our ages are different, spanning the decades, some who are in the sweet spot of their careers to others who are well into their retirement years.  Yet, we laugh and tease like great friends who shared high school years and decades of loyal friendship.

Our professional backgrounds vary from business to education to theology.  Whether it is overseeing a grocery store chain, University education around the world through the internet, running investment businesses around the country, managing the biggest automobile service business in the Midwest or servicing countless professionals during their busy miles of travel these men bring their vast experiences to serve the world in SE Asia.  Together we focus our attention on the fabulous work of ministry in the country of Cambodia.

We are all committed to our Mission organization.  Those who have gone before us left a legacy in missions that we want to faithfully steward.  Carefully, we seek collective wisdom, consistency in our decisions and joy in watching the results.

All of us have been to Cambodia on several trips.  We have carefully validated ministries that are doing what they claim and then we help them when we can.  Some we help once others we help more often.

In many occasions we seek to discover the most efficient use of resources and the durability of a ministry.  Results and accountability are big deals to us.  We know that God is watching and ultimately, we are answerable to Him.

On one of our mission trips to Phnom Penh we each knew that there was likely no place on earth that we have ever been so hot and uncomfortably humid.  Our entire day called for us to be in a unairconditioned room with forty other locals. The only respite was bottled water, room temperature bottled water.

Someone got a fan running but we had to run it on low because the PA system was not working and these pastors wanted to hear what I had to teach.  We were so dehydrated after a week of teaching that I was literally dizzy on our last ride back to the hotel and modern A/C conveniences.

We ate what the locals ate.  I am not even sure of everything that I did consume that trip.  However, what we did not remember in detail about the food, we will never forget the pastors that we taught and their eagerness to consume the lessons like very hungry men.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography