IMG_1941Travelling is very tiring.  Nothing can make it easy.  However, there are somethings that can make it easier.

Once I get through security, I began to relax.  After all, getting dressed in public after being stripped down to prove that I have nothing lethal on my person is part of the price of entry, right?  I suppose that it is not too embarrassing since every other passenger is sharing the wide open dressing room with me.

Nevertheless, there are perks along the way.  Because I travel more than the average person, air carriers occasionally send me complimentary passes to enjoy their flight club.

The doors of the club slide silently open.  Two people behind the desk are not overly friendly but they are decidedly business-like.  It is up to them to make sure only members are allowed inside the posh club.

Once cleared I ascend the escalator to a fabulous facility. Another desk at the top is the work-station for several very friendly personnel. Their job is to brighten your travel day with a bright smile and cheer.  They are very good at what they do.

I entered the lounge.  Scores of travelers were seated in very comfortable chairs.  Some were sipping freshly brewed coffee.  Others enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast.

On the other end of the facility was a was fully equipped bar for those who needed to have some alcohol in their system.  I passed on that.  Instead, I joined the table fare and selected a banana, yogurt, bagel and cream cheese.

Then, I found an empty cubicle, a workstation with plenty of privacy.  Free WiFi made my next two hours highly productive, knocking off two writing projects.  It was time for a stretch.

I walked the length of the club.  On the other end were lockers that guests could use.  Well appointed bathrooms large enough to accommodate a crowded club was kept spotless with never-ending workers, polishing, cleaning, stocking the lavatories.  Did I mention that there were showers there for the guests to use as well?

Part of the service is an up-to-date departure schedule displayed on eight different monitors.  When I found my flight, the words “delayed” flashed.  I turned back to the desk, gave the attendant my flight number and asked her to confirm the “delay”.  She confirmed it and said with a smile, “I guess you may enjoy our hospitality for a little longer.”  She was right and I did.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography