IMG_1935Whoever is building the city of Orlando has a very good idea and it is clearly working. I landed in the town of theme parks for work but was captivated by the endless visual feasts and attractions.  My host was driving and I was trying to pay attention to our conversation but I kept getting distracted by the fun outside the car windows.

Every time we passed by a pond or bayou or inlet of water, I was straining my eyes to spot an alligator.  Some how seeing wild creatures in the wild gets me very enthused.  When the environment is concrete, plastic and milled lumber, it is amazing to think that animals could possibly be roaming free.

I snap back into our conversation.  He never noticed that I was gazing out the windows hunting with my eyes.  My tourist activities were done with great stealth.

Our travels took us through the city freeways and byways for about 12 miles.  Eventually, we were headed to the CoCo Key Hotel and Water Park.  There was plenty to see during that short commute from the busy Orlando Airport.

Eager families were pouring out of the terminal into shuttles.  Their enthusiasm for their vacation was on their sleeves or I guess I should say, sandals.  Parents were trying to contain their rambunctious legacy minions.

Families who were heading home sported some sort of attire that frequently had Mickey Mouse ears, some Disney character or accessory that was held tightly in their clutches.  This is really a happy place.

IMG_1927One of the oddities that I stared at unashamed was an upside down building.  Not on was the building resting on its roof but the landscape was hanging upside down too.  Yep, palm trees growing from the sky toward the ground.  It was funny!

Once we arrived at the hotel  the visuals were constant.  Children were mostly wet.  They giggled and squealed down slides, through tubes, racing through showers and sliding into pools of water.

Giant water cannon added to the activity.  Music was piped in at decibel suite to this younger generation.  Teenagers flooded into the elevator.  Politely they pushed each other aside with a welcome gesture for me to join them, “Going up?  Come on, Mister, you can get in to this elevator too.”

Comfortably settling into my room, I spied an amazing piece of artwork.  It was like origami but the artist used towels.  It was shaped into a little stingray.  What a cool place to be, full of visual treats that make a face smile.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography