IMG_1966Saturday was a highlight day for my week. I suppose everyday that I rise and draw breath means that any day is a  blessing. My point however, is that this Saturday was a day that I was looking forward to with a great deal of anticipation.  This was the day that my first class that I have ever taught at Dallas Seminary were coming into our home for lunch.

We had only one free Saturday before the semester ended.  This was that day.  When only one day would fit into our schedule then, the conclusion was obvious.  My bride and I marked it on our calendar and I announced the date in class.

Naturally, there were conflicts. Two students had Saturday classes and had to miss the gathering. Two more had to work and couldn’t adjust their hours. Several others had ministry obligations and could not come.  Nevertheless, we were going to have a ball with those who could make it.

The day before our gathering I had a day off.  I worked to get the house ready.  Hospitality is fun yet it does require some tidying up around the old homestead.  My bride was at work so I had the chores listed for my day-off and it was time to work like a Buc-ee Beaver, a Texas Buc-ee Beaver.

Most of the chores were easy.  I washed the dishes and put things away that were occupying the counter space in the kitchen.  Next, the Living Room needed to have some attention.  Finally, the common areas needed some TLC.

Friday afternoon I drove over to the China Cottage Restaurant.  Mary, the owner, was there.  She invited me to sit with her while she finished some paperwork.  Then, she smile, “What may I do for you?”

I laughed when she asked if I was dining alone.  “No,” I returned her smile, “I am having some very special guests over to our home tomorrow for dinner.  What would you suggest I serve?”

“Oh, this will be important to select some wonderful items from our menu,” Mary glowed.

“OK,” I joined in on the anticipation, “Let’s have a variety of beef, chicken, pork and seafood.”

“Very good,” Mary chimed in.

“I was thinking of your delicious chicken chow mein.  Then, everyone likes your sweet and sour pork tenderloin.  We need some vegetables, so how about an order of your green beans with beef?”  my suggestions had come from thoughtful preparations.

“Come back tomorrow at 11.15AM and it will be ready, ” Mary assured me. This was going to be a fantastic gathering.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography