IMG_1917My special place for surprises is the grocery store.  When I have a low-level of expectations, something surprises me in one of the departments or inside of one of the many aisles.  This last trip to the store was no exception.

Again my duties as chief buggy pusher were being fulfilled with splendid skill.  Deftly I followed my bride through the aisles and expertly dodging other shoppers and displays.  Casually, I would be observing things around me.

Suddenly the great disappointment of November 2012 had an amazing resurgence.  Do your remember the historic sadness that gripped our nation?  It was a loss of enormous impact on the American people.  Even the world would feel the reverberations of this catastrophic failure.

Hostess shut down and the Twinkie was no more.  This creme filled delight for decades was now a museum piece.  In a flash across the screens of American TV, this icon of children’s lunches was no longer an option

In my childhood I remember my mother buying the quantity box with individually wrapped Twinkies.  When I received one of those treats in my sack lunch, I saved it for dessert.  When it was time, I tore open the cellophane wrapper.

In my hands was the fluffy yellow cake.  It had a fragrance unique to this Hostess morsel.  Who knew that some day nutritionists would tell about color chemicals and dyes that would cause us to worry about poisoning our bodies for an early demise.

IMG_1918Now, as a child, the smile on my face was real.  The first bite was just as my expectations had recalled.  Flavor was unmistakably sweet, soft and highlighted by the cream-filling.  Most importantly, the treat was all mine.

When the news of Hostess shutting down and the inevitable demise of the famous Twinkie, I felt a twinge of sadness like all of America.  There were jokes about it, legends about special moments and of course the all time favorite satire skits on TV.  This was a brand that everyone knew but it was going extinct.

That’s the surprise!  Right there in the store I abruptly stopped.  On a prominent display, Sara Lee was introducing their individually wrapped yellow cakes with a cream center.  Also, they were advertising their chocolate cupcake as well.

Someone in this company had better receive a bonus.  Maybe they should get a promotion.  Someone had the brilliant idea to take what was a treasure now up for grabs.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography