IMG_1729A new store opened up in our neighborhood.  Everyone was excited because the reputation of this store was fresh produce. Who doesn’t love to have a ripe bowl of strawberries or a crisp plum to finish off the day?  Ads were in our mail.  Coupons filtered in every week.

We drove over to the store but skipped all of the fanfare of contests and prizes.  Still the parking lot was jam-packed.  We followed another car into the lot.  That was an unfortunate piece of timing.

That customer stopped right in the middle of the entry.  She was hoping to grab a parking spot that another couple was just getting to their car with a cart full of groceries.  He angel blocked all the cars trying to leave the lot and all of the cars, including me right behind her, from getting into the lot.

Hovering for a parking spot is fine if other vehicles can get around.  However, if placement blocks all other traffic, something is wrong with the driver.  Yep, I honked at her as a representative of everyone else who was trying to negotiate the Grand Opening.

She couldn’t stand the collective pressure of the peering eyes so she slammed her car into DRIVE and drove away angrily, looking for another parking lot.  I was a hero to my fellow neighbors.  One blast of my horn was all that it took.

Inside the store we grabbed a buggy and began the quest for food.  It was a delightful experience.  We spent most of our time in the produce section.

Bag after bag found their way into our cart.  Bananas were ripe and colorful.  Plums were perfect in color and softness.  Apples were ready to come to our home.  Nectarines were calling to us.  Of course the mangos had to join the party.

The biggest challenge is that there are just two of us.  These fine specimens of fresh fruit have a short shelf life.  We enjoyed our selections initially.

Then, two busy lives forgot, came home tired and went to bed early.  After a week we remembered something vaguely in our past.  We checked the fruit basket and the produce bin in the refrigerator.  Oh well, our loss and back to the store for more.

God is into fresh.  However, He gives it a due date.  It will be fabulous but only for a time.

photo credit: brucefong photography