Real Life front coverSimple living is a blessing.  Yet, life does not always allow that lifestyle to exist for very long.  Each of our lives is complicated with the lives of other people, circumstances that pressure normal living or troubles that need to be addressed.  Thankfully, in between disasters, horrific strains or disappointing people many of us live lives that are quietly uneventful.  Those common days captured my curiosity.

I lived each day trying to capture how special it was just to be alive.  No day is wasted when we pay attention to how valuable it is .  We can touch the life of someone else and give them a bit of a boost.  Afterall, we are all on a journey to eternity and we can cheer each other on that pilgrimage.

Here is a look at one of my book projects (coming soon) that observes these common days:

Life has its high points.  There are great episodes that become memories forever.  Nevertheless, we all have the routine days.  Those are the majority days of our existence.  Is it possible to be quite frank about those 24 hour periods?  Can life be taken as it comes and totaled up to hopeful come up with a sum that is positive?

I have been accused on more than one occasion of being too optimistic.  My friends have teased me to take off my rose colored glasses and sulk with them from time to time.  Certainly I do not begrudge my friends to have the luxury of griping once in a while.  We all grouse about something that is unpleasant or uncomfortable.  Yet, I have never seen a good reason to be mostly negative about life. 

That choice to deliberately be positive is not being Pollyannaish.  Instead, if we are cheerful by choice that decision can influence our day.  A good attitude over the same challenging circumstances in life can make our days much more pleasant.  

Being real does not mean that we are required to complain.  Nor does it mean that we have to confess something about our weaknesses.  It is sufficient that circumstances alone will make life “weak-kneed”.  While we cannot change those circumstances we can choose our disposition while living through those moments.

These pages are about those days.  Some of the situations are funny while others are sad.  Some of those are just nothing special at all yet, even as we live those days we can come out of them with a smile and a load of cheer. 

 I invite you to share these pages of life with me. They are pages from real life.  I enjoyed living them.  I hope that you will as well.