Always Hope front coverWe enjoy the blessings of life even more when we have contrasting days of bitter pain.  Sometimes those hurtful days are caused by people, sometimes by circumstances.  Those moments take our breath away.  They threaten our will to live.

When those inevitable moments brashly intrude into your life, one indomitable lifeline gives us a reason to keep on living.  It is hope.  Never give up hope.

Yes, I know.  People can be very cruel.  Sometimes that even justify their reasons to be hurtful.  Do not focus on them.  Revenge will never give you lasting satisfaction.  It is the very essence of the motive of the bad people who heaped pain in your life.  Instead, look beyond and hold on to the hope that is there.

Sometimes it is the hope to be with the people whom you love.  Or it may be to return to a place where you enjoy life at its best.  Never give up.  Hope will give you what you need to persevere.  Here is a look at this book that is one its way:

One of my writing projects tracks through the days when life was tough.  Here is a description.  It is going to be released soon.  I hope that it will give you a reason to always hope.

Abandoned? Betrayed? Fired? Victimized? Disillusioned? Disappointed? No one plans for these painful moments in life.  They happen no matter how much we try to live a life that is free from troubles.  People are a part of the problem.  Sometimes we are tempted to think that life would be great if it were not for people.  Yet, life is all about people.  We need them and want them.  It is just certain ones that we could do without.

Then there are troubles that put a hitch in our step.  Circumstances beyond human control crowd into our lives, uninvited intrusions of the painful type.  Sometimes it is loss.  Other times it is missed opportunity.  We watch as good things happen to others.  Now, we purse our lips and wonder why we could not be the fortunate ones just once.

One treasure in life that we who have lived through the agonies of life can know better than anyone who has never had difficulty is hope.  We can choose to search for the bright side.  By sheer determination and unabashed faith we can resist the urge to quit and choose to never give up.  Instead, we optimistically keep going and believe.  Life will get better.  Never give up.  Always hope.