IMG_1936Air travel tests the creative resolve of all who live part of their lives in the air.  There are forces that seek to drain every brain cell from your cranium as soon as you schedule a flight into your smart phone.   As remarkable as efficiency experts have arranged parking, mass transportation, check-in, food courts, shopping options and even airline travel clubs, the waiting, the lines and the loading do very little to advance the human spirit.

I enter a travel mode and bring several tools to make a trip productive.  My laptop is always with me.  If I can find a desk, then I pour in a couple of hours of writing.

Then, I bring my e-book.  It is loaded with several reading options.  Some are recreational, like great fiction.  My favorites are Westerns or espionage.

Of course I bring my list of e-books on Leadership, History, Bible and Biographies.  I try to make sure that my Kindle is powered up to last the entire trip and back.  The many miles of travel is matched by the many pages that have been read.

My ancient i-pod still makes trips with me.  It has my music.  I sprung for a folding noise cancelling headset.  Once I turn it on the drum of the loud jet engines is nullified.  It is so relaxing.

Nothing beats the mind that God the creator gave to us.  The observations of the unique and the curious abound in air travel.  If we let the numbness of travel wear us down, we miss some fascinating visions for the sponge features of our brain.

My gait was focused.  I was on my way to catch the train that took all of us passengers to the terminals where our waiting jetliners were being serviced.  Other passengers were crowded around the corner in front of closed doors.

I paused at the wall that they had all passed.  It had a window that looked down the track of the rail system that scores of travelers were waiting to board.  The train was not there yet.  I then was in no hurry.

Instead, the light played on the glass.  Designers seemed have known that this would happen so they added a simple piece of artwork with two concentric circles.  Soon the perfectly balanced vision of man-made etching on glass and the sun’s presence was engulfed by a robot train arriving to pick us up.  It was a fun moment of a routine picture, tunnel vision.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography