tx 2013 017The sun was just right.  It was peaking around some cumulus clouds, giving us just the right amount of light to enjoy our road trip.  An apron of clouds eased the temperatures from spiking too high.  Add a gentle breeze and it was a perfect day to enjoy the Texas out-of-doors.

We entered the gate, navigated the gravel road through the piney woods and turned right along the edge of a well-groomed pasture.  That was the last turn until we arrived at the cabin.  It is a quaint and charming log cabin in the middle of the Texas woods.  I loved it.  It was so relaxing.  This is the kind of place that makes doing nothing a favorite event.

What captured my attention was off at the edge of the woods on the other side of the pasture.  My friends promised that tx 2013 016we would go an explore the joy of their ranch that was clearly taken by.  We climbed into their 4×4 and slowly drove over to this magnet of human attention.

Gently we made our way close to the fence.  These critters were fifty yards away.  Then, they were only twenty yards ahead of us.ends promised that we would go and see the delight of their ranch.  I have been wanting to capture this symbol of Texas for months.  Several times in our travels we zipped passed fields with this Texas highlight.  Now, I would be able to feast my eyes on this objective.

tx 2013 044All three stood up.  Curiously, they looked for their mother.  Then, they looked at me.  Finally, they ignored me, likely hoping that I would go away and leave them alone.  In the distance the mother mooed and they headed toward her call.

We went around the woods to the other side.  When we arrived at the split rail fence, the herd of Texas Longhorn cattle were already grazing on the green grasses.  God created a special animal here.
While they moved slowly, you could see the muscles in their body rippling with every step.  They were clearly powerful beasts and if they wanted to they were also very swift animals as well.  There were no bulls among the herd.  They were all cows with their calves.  Some had one and others had two.

Their massive horns spanned the area around their body as if every normal axis of their presence was covered by muscle and sinew or powerful horns that could do some serious damage with the power of their bodies controlling that thrust.  Yet, these powerful bovines were gentle, serene and tranquil.  They represent Texas well.

photo credit: brucefong photography