IMG_1958 - CopyDutifully I have told the stories of our new home to our family who live in the West.  They think that I am exaggerating.  Of course I send pictures to verify my yarns.

Still they shake their heads.  I can not see them shake but somehow with family you can always feel the gyrations.  Decades of experience gives you an extra sense with relatives, right?  Without hearing, we have learned to know.

To help the belief system I post pictures for them to examine.  Still, doubt is a very strong human reaction.  Personal experience can overcome the swells of doubt in the minds of others.

My sister and her husband were prime applicants to our new world of Texas living.  They are world travelers but that weird idea that her brother lives with alligators in his neighborhood is a little far-fetched.  This would take some personal experience for them.

All of us like bicycle riding.  That made it an easy option for them on their road trip to the South.  Once they were settled into our home, we made plans for a bicycle road trip.

That Friday was a crisp beautiful day.  We did a spot check on our bicycles and found them all roadworthy.  The pavement in our neighborhood invited our peddle machines to roll freely.

A few miles into our ride I led our trio of cyclers on to the Buffalo Bayou trail.  It is scenic and free of motorized vehicles. Birds of all different kinds landed near the water’s edge to fish for their morning breakfast.  These cranes, egrets and black birds were entertaining.

We paused at a viewpoint platform and enjoyed the water in a pond.  It had terrapins, bass and frogs to entertain us.  Nothing very large dominated the view.

Along a lengthy stretch of the paved trail a sign was posted.  I had seen it many times on my own.  Now, it was time for a “photo-op”.

My sister and brother-in-law came rolling into view.  I waved them down.  Curiously, they looked a bit bewildered. That is when I pointed out the sign.  It’s time for a picture!

They parked their bicycles and positioned themselves by the sign.  It was a great proof of the clash between the West and the South.  Now, they have biked the terrain.  They have seen the habitat.  Finally, they have seen the sign that bears witness to the roaming of these reptiles in my neighborhood.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography