IMG_2067There is no way that I am a qualified inspector of horse-flesh or any animal related to this category of animal.  Clearly there are those who know these creatures to the finest details of pedigree, potential and track record.  I am not even sure if I know what a good animal looks like.

Yet, the love of other humans when it comes to these critters makes them magnificent.  The sheer size of a full-grown horse is domineering when we tiny humans stand next to them.  They are powerful.

It seems that when they walk, their muscles ripple.  While they casually stroll up to the fence, lean over the top rail and smell intently for a treat, they are curious and we humans are cautious.  A grazing horse realizes that humans have approached.  It comes galloping up to be with the rest of the herd.  She does not want to miss out if carrots or apples are being passed out.

IMG_2062Of course if the earthlings are bringing lumps of sugar, that would even be better.  We are city boys so we have nothing to offer.  The horses seem to realize the disappointment early.

Back in the field, still grazing away unflustered by our visit are the trio of donkeys.  They barely look up.  One finally does and stares us down, more sizing us up to decide if we are a threat more than if we had brought anything of interest to them.

Curiosity does not seem to distract them from the tender shoots of grass growing in the pasture.  The giddy horses we quick to draw to close to people.  These very different but somewhat similar animals share the pasture.  Maybe they feel more complete with each other hanging out.  There is enough pasture to separate, nevertheless they stay within a IMG_2065comfortable proximity to each other.

I cannot tell if some are better specimens than others.  The best that I can do is separate the horses from the donkeys and the donkeys from the longhorn cattle.  I suppose that for a city slicker, that is not a bad distinction.

While the finer details may elude me, I did stand and gaze for a long time.  Admiring wonderful creatures is a very good thing to do.  Horsepower, after all, is not just the estimated power that crowds under a vehicle’s hood.  It is the picture of a powerful animal, just like the one standing before me.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography