IMG_2092The day’s schedule was full.  Like most I had every slot assigned to a project.  Deadlines were coming up fast and they were neighbors with other freight trains barreling down the track.

I was confident that I could direct traffic when these dates would eventually converge with the reality on my body.  We call it multi-tasking.  Others call “crazy”.

The phone rang right in the middle of that day.  A friend from my past called with a problem. That is usually a God-thing making if very clear that life is not nearly as busy as it could be.

He was the headmaster of a Christian school a couple of hours away.  Their Commencement Speaker was not able to fulfill his commitment.  Something happened in his schedule and now my friend invited me to fill in the gap.  Naturally, I accepted.

We drove up to the venue.  People were pouring in from all directions. Providentially, we had a great parking spot.

The only soul in the entire gymnasium that we knew was the headmaster.  He saw us, waved us down, thanked us profusely for coming and directly us calmly to the best place for us to be situated.

High School graduation is a special rite of passage. This school, Brazos Christian School did it right.  From the worship music, to the awards, to the tribute to each of the 31 graduates, they did it well.  I stood when I was introduced.

My part was in the beginning of the program.  What are people thinking when a total stranger to a very tight community stands in front of them and is about to take up a precious period of time in their celebration moment culminating in years of education and hard work?  Most people were looking and listening with a fragile openness.

When I was done, they applauded.  I was delighted to enjoy the rest of the program with them.  Each graduate had his or her achievements announced.  Their contribution to school service, community leadership and awards were listed.  It was very impressive.

The conclusion for each brief introduction, the student’s plans for college were read.   Texas A&M University was a common destination.  Whenever that institution was declared, a “Whoop!” erupted from the audience.   It is a treasured tradition.

I came to this school for one special purpose.  A need was there and I was delighted to fulfill it.  I came as a stranger to hundreds.  By God’s amazing grace I left with some wonderful friends.