Cannon Beach July 4 2011 sunset 015There is always an excitement on the Pacific Coast.  It has been a part of my many past experiences.  For years I would make a trek to the shores of the great ocean to the West and join good friends and family for a lingering tradition.

We would rarely be alone for those forays.  Throngs of people would gather on the sandy beaches, gentle sand dunes or jagged cliffs to take in the free show that God puts on at the end of every day.  It did not matter if life was rough or filled with sheer happiness.  This show was for everyone.

What is amazing is that everyone thoroughly enjoys the stunning display no matter what is going on their life.  For those who are enjoying life, this entertainment heightens their glee.  At the same time for those who are facing hardship, they find in His creation a respite, a moment to breathe easily or a slice of freedom where their troubles seem smaller or at least put on hold for a few minutes in an otherwise horrendous day.

Breathing slows down at these times.  A deep sigh releases more than air devoid of oxygen.  Worry, fear and even doubt leak out into the ending of the day.

There is something therapeutic about watching the sun set for the day.  Each of us can blow out the final breath of a long day.  It is refreshing to our human bodies, relaxing to our simple minds and rejuvenating to our souls.

Once it seemed to make sense to me that every sunset of every day is a stunning reminder that God gives us all second chances every day.  A good night’s sleep and a new day appears with the rising of the sun.

For now, the bright ball of fire sizzles into a radiant red and orange beacon.  Slowly the darkness pushes the sun down below the horizon.  Blackness is about to claim the world.

The air calms down and seagulls call.  There is the drumming of the ocean waves beating the shore line.  An ebb and flow of the surf added to the calm of the growing night.

My mind is resting along with my weary body.  It has been a good day.  Work was demanding but it is now over for now.  A small smile erupts on my face.  Good people filled my day.  Now, the Good God of creation is saying “Good night” like only He can with a splendid sunset.

photo credit: brucefong photography