IMG_2116Owning a home has some very quiet but powerful forces that strengthen the human spirit.  Imbedded in our soul is a personal healthy pride when something is cared for well and beams with value and satisfaction to the entire neighborhood.  No, it is not being braggadocious or selfishly prideful.  Rather, it is the great sense of satisfaction that the Creator instilled in us long ago.

Just as in the creation account, God created and then Moses writes repeatedly, “God saw that it was good.”  This sense of of the divine may be similar to us standing back and admiring our well trimmed yards, well-maintained homes and washed and waxed vehicles.  It is not even close to being comparative with the neighbors.  It is the joy of home ownership.

I like it when we can have our front trees pruned and six months later they are healthy and vibrant.  Now, they have a IMG_2115beauty that adds to the property aesthetics.  The shade that they provide is light and airy.

When the lawn is managed, it is like a natural carpet.  It is inviting to walk on and gives brilliant color to the house.  The eye is drawn to the even and healthy color.

Here in Texas the humidity wreaks havoc on man-made buildings.  Spores of various vegetation cling to the brick and discolor the house.  We had the house power washed and treated to counter the natural course of mold and mildew.  Now, our home glistens.

Plants have become hearty.  They are blooming with the season.  It cheers my spirit watching fruit appear and testify to health and vigor.

Without even knowing that I was doing it, I found myself smiling.  This is our home.  It is our retreat.  We love being here.  Our house has become our home.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography