IMG_2140Most mornings of the week are too full and too hurried to enjoy a meaningful breakfast to start the day.  There are those moments when I can schedule a meeting over this most special meal of the day and savor the energy-filling delights of this favorite meal of the day.  Alas, those special treats are few and far between.

Then, with very busy weekends we often catch a few more moments of sleep instead of bounding out of bed to start the day. Once we hit the daylight hours it is off running errands and making appointments on time.  Ministry usually fills our weekends.

One Saturday, however, we were free after a long run of several months of travelling and ministry commitments.  I woke up and felt inspired to make breakfast a part of our relaxed day.  My steps for the next moments were exactly timed.

First, I grabbed the necessary ingredients.  The cupboard was my first stop.  Then, it was the refrigerator.

Next, I opened the cabinet door to the pans and grabbed what I needed.  In my mind I was selecting the right sized pan for the job.  Today I would try a slightly different recipe, but only for final effect, not to change the dish.

Our family has enjoyed corn beef hash for special morning meals.  It is regular fare at our family gatherings.   Everyone cooks it with the same emphasis.  Crispies are the favored tidbits.

During the frying phase of the hash, it is important to raise the heat to achieve a hard, crunchy and caramelized layer on the hash.  If this featured occurs on the bottom of the hash, then great.  This morning I was going to attempt to accomplish this favored feature on both sides of the hash.

The frying pan was preheated.  I let sprinkles of what dance on the hot surface.  Then, I added olive oil to completely cover the pan.

Then, I added the corn beef hash.  It was sizzling away.  That is a wonderful sound to fill the morning.

Once the hash was cooking, I added eggs next to the entrée.  I break the yolks to get them to cook completely but still have that sun shine look to them.  Frying them on hot olive oil is a perfect way to enjoy the taste as well as the presentation.

With a sturdy spatula I flipped the hash.  I could feel the crispy consistency in that single motion.  Once both sides were perfect, it was time to serve it to my bride who received breakfast in the bedroom with a smile.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography