DSC_0150My mornings usually start in time to welcome the rising of the sun.  When the rays of the new day dawn, it is time for my first break.  In the past I had been accused of laying skid marks by the side of the bed.  I smile and do not feel like denying the truth.

Now, however, I am on vacation.  We have structured our time so that we spend a week just to decompress, knock off neglected errands and put ourselves in a mode to relax.  For example, we let the sun wake us up.  The alarm clocks remain silent.  We chat before we even climb out of bed.  It is an amazing experience.

Then we continue chatting in our breakfast nook.  We take in the view of our backyard and agree that we are blessed to enjoy the scenery.  Birds are soaring overhead and squirrels are dancing through the trees.

That is when our attention drawn in closer.  Just outside of our window, on the leaves of our garden plants we notice thatDSC_0174 we are locked into the vision of another life form.  It is a lizard.

At first he is just keeping a wary eye on us.  Afterall, it is Spring.  He is pumping up his colorful throat sack.  It is reddish in color and makes his head look twice a big.  He must be out courting his hopeful bride.  We humans distracting him from his Springtime Twitterpation.

We both grabbed our cameras and carefully approached our subject.  He was curious but not afraid.  Slowly we raised our instruments of digital recording and snapped away.  Like a world-class model, he would occasionally shift his head, DSC_0184alter his posture and change his position.  It was a fun photo shoot.

No nuptials took place.  He had lost his concentration.  The calls for a female reptile turned to silence.  Our little buddy even climbed over a few large leaves to get closer to us.

While neither my bride nor I are reptilian aficionados, we were so relaxed on our vacation that we took the time to enjoy this episode.  This little critter is also in our yard helping keep the insect population under control.  If he is helping keep the roach population down, he is more than welcomed to make our yard his home.   Should he successfully woo a mate and have many babies, they too are welcome to make their home in our yard.  We are cool with that.

photo credit: brucefong photography