After the six days of creation God finished the work.  He saw all that He had done and it was good.  On the seventh day He rested.

He rested.  Nowhere does the Bible imply that God was exhausted from the work.  It does not suggest that He was even tired from the work.

However, it is clear that He set up a pattern for all of Creation to rest.  Our activity is draining.  Humans have limits.  Our batteries need to be recharged.

It is not the need to lay around.  Sleeping late is fine.  Doing nothing is therapeutic.  A vacation is not about a period of inactivity.  Rather it is a broader category of  breaking off from our normal pattern of busy activity.  Do something different.

The pattern set up for us in Creation is work for six days and then change it up on the  seventh.  This is a great pattern for our normal work week.  It can also give us an objective for our annual vacation.

My normal work week is high paced.  It starts early, before the sun rises.  I am at my writing disciplines and welcome the dawning of each new day.  It is inspiring to see the pattern of creation emerge.

Then, if my body cooperates I’ll hit the pool or pedal my way through my prayer list.  Lives of special people race through my mind as I converse with the Almighty.  I petition for these whom God has put into my routine.

Then, it is off to the office.  There I put in a day with planning, strategizing, tactical implementation of vision, meetings, relationship building with key people and cheering on the team.  Long ago I learned to shape my leadership around the simple plan of “Chart the course, set the pace and cheer the spirit.”

My evenings are filled with errands, chores and snatches of hobbies.  Weekends are lined up with ministry preparation and service.  If I ever lose my calendar I am sunk.  Working ahead, studying in advance, writing long before deadlines get close my days are packed full of activity.

When I return to work, my goal is to insure that I do not need to return to relax from a harrowing vacation trip jammed with stuff that I had planned to do.  Getting recharged to return to work with enthusiasm is my goal.  Now, it is time to get back to relaxing.

photo credit: brucefong photography