Austin 2013 117I did not choose our Texas vacation dates, they chose me.  We have to use up our vacation time within a certain schedule on the calendar.  If we do not, then we are limited in carrying over our time to the next year.  Before I lost any time, I just bit the bullet and scheduled our time away from work.

June is the warm up month in Texas.  July and August are brutally hot and humid in Houston.  Air conditioning is a 24/7 phenomenon in the most-air-conditioned-city-in-the-world.  Who can actually verify this moniker is anyone’s guess, but we who live here will not argue the point.  We just smile as we tip our cowboy hats and wipe a bead of sweat from our brow.

Miles from home, we have discovered what many Houstonians have told us is true.  The Texas Hill Country is an Austin 2013 122amazing place to visit.  It is still sizzling hot here but the humidity is very much under control.

During our tour of Austin, we drove to the Botanical Gardens.  It is listed by many as a good stop.  There is plenty of shade and interesting sights to see.

The path of our walk led us down several gravel trails with surprises around every corner.  Bright colors of flowers that seem to thrive in the bright Texas sun abounded.  Under the shade of large cypress trees, diffused light fed the constant appetite of the chlorophyll in each family of flora.

Variety is the best description of these plant displays.  Leaf shapes covered every combination.  They were big, medium and small.  Several were even diminutive.

Austin 2013 134Their flowers were just as unique and distinct.  Colors were always bright.  Flower shapes were evidence of a Designer who brought wonder into His creation that calls for all humans to marvel at Him.

Fragrance filled the garden.  It was relaxing, awe-inspiring and personally therapeutic.  With so many variations for the human senses it was not chaotic but symbiotic.  That alone was stunning.

Water features added to the garden experience.  Benches invited us to rest and take it all in when we would accept those

Austin 2013 141

free invitations.  Life here was at its best: varied, alive and bearing fruit.

One other feature helped me remember this visit too.  Long after we left, my mind was often reflecting on our tour as I scratched insect bites that covered ankles.  I am not the only life-form that enjoys a good stroll through the gardens.

photo credits: brucefong photography