Austin & San Antonio vacation 2013 569Providentially we were teamed up together for ministry 30 years ago. Together we were a part of growing lives in the church Jr. High Youth Group.  Then, there were decades of virtual silence, except for the annual Christmas letter update.  Surprisingly, after thousands of miles of separation, we ended up in the last quarter of our lives a mere three-hour drive from each other.

Our vacation plans made it possible for us to connect, share a mutual expression of hospitality and build some new memories.  My bride and I stayed in Danny and Becky’s home.  Together we made forays into the San Antonio tourist arenas for unforgettable meals, laughter, reminiscing, encouragement and open plans for more together times.

Danny left for work early.  Becky and Yvonne were locked into a girl to girl conversation.  I sat with them and looked very engaged into the dialogue.

My occasional, “Hmm” or frequent “Ah” or my thrice “Yes” or my one time “I see” did not garner much attention.  I may Austin & San Antonio vacation 2013 571have nodded off once or twice.  I do not remember.  Nor did they for that matter.

I left them and went upstairs.  There I wrote several books and read two novels.  I came back downstairs.  They were still talking.

When I sat down and mentioned, “That makes sense.” they ignored me.  It struck me that they did not even miss me for that last day and a half.  Women really do need to speak several thousand words more than men per hour.

Danny came home and we climbed into the car.  We went to enjoy San Antonio’s world-famous River Walk.  It is every bit as beautiful and relaxing as you would imagine.

Austin & San Antonio vacation 2013 637Together we walked the banks of the river. They were lined with flowers, water features and ducks.  People added the comic relief when it came to variety, languages and fashion.  A Mariachi band gave us plenty of South of the Border entertainment.

Then, we made our way to the symbol of Texas Freedom.  Our path led us to the Alamo.  Its history and memory of those who gave their lives for the freedom of the many who would follow stirs anyone who contemplates the impossible situation that these brave men faced.

San Antonio was fun.  The tourist sites were nice and the food was memorable.  But, when it comes down to it, a great vacation is all about who you are with that makes it special.  These two friends are special.

photo credit: brucefong photography