IMG_2145There is a fascinating topic of discussion.  We have had it with our new neighbors.  Friends who have come to our home have joined our conversation.  None of knows what kind of tree is in front of our house.

We know that it is some kind of palm.  The leaves certainly are palm tree specific.  But, what kind of palm tree it is, we do not know.

Admittedly, we have a lot more on our plates than to discover the name of this tree.  It will not change our lives much to know what species of palm it is.  Nor will it do anything for us other than satisfy a simple curiosity.  Some day I am sure, someone will tell us the name.

In the meantime we are just enjoying it.  It is growing.  The flower is amazing.  It is striking and colorful.

Originally, the flowering part of the palm captured our attention.  The yellow contrasted against the brilliant green leaves.  Then, each day I noticed how much more that flowers were growing.  It was massive growth.

In some ways they remind me of two ears of corn.  They started out yellow and oblong.  Then, each day they grew and grew.  It was fun to watch.

Fruitfulness is a healthy part of growth.  When life demonstrates itself there is fruit.  It is the celebration that life is present and growing.

There is a persistent argument among Christians.  It sometimes pertains to strategy, expansion, facilities, programs or staff.  The topic is always “growth”.  Do we want to grow or not?

IMG_2149A genuine argument does not really exist.  It is just a flurry of words that ventilate emotions and biases.  People get in their minds to dig in their heals and pick an issue to hang it on for all to hear.

The actual word is “change”.  Few will bring it up.  This what the real issue often reflects.  People do not like change if someone else is taking over, they themselves are losing influence or jealousy replaces the true expression of Christian living, namely, love.

Instead, there is something that marks the presence of life.  It is change.  What is growing is never the same today as it was yesterday.  Tomorrow will be even more different from yesterday.  Today’s results will even change, putting greater distance from what occurred yesterday.  Change is a natural consequence or even better a symptom that true growth is taking place.  I like my palm.  It is changing.  It is alive and growing.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography