IMG_2329There is flavorful and then there is flavorful.  There is aromatic and then there is aromatic.  There is succulent and then there is succulent.  However, have you ever had all three in one source?  In fact to limit this even further, have you ever had this in one fruit?

Here in Texas, I have been introduced to the wonder of Texas peaches.  This juicy, fragrant, delectable fruit is grown in Central Texas, the Hill Country and is famous to Texans who are within a reasonable driving distance to this destination.  It is so popular that local growers have built permanent wayside stands along the highway for the convenience of tourists.

As we travelled through the beautiful Hill Country we even spied a couple of farms that have set up nicely built tourist centers, offering antiques, gifts, and other specialty items.  There is no shortage of business along the backwaters of Central Texas.  People from hours away have come to taste and enjoy this specially designed fruit with the Creator’s kiss of perfection on each fruit.

Visually, the color is stunning.  A peach is not a boring single color fruit. Nor is it a combination of just one color.  IMG_2330Rather, it is a combination of red, orange and yellows.

Color lines are not distinct.  The creator blended the colors to drift into another and then another and back again.  In a produce section of the grocery store, you can spot these fabulous fruit as you enter the department.

I can hardly keep myself from picking one up.  The texture is unforgettable and incomparable. It is fuzzy.

Popular familiarity with the surface of this unique fruit is so well-known that it is the nickname for a young man’s earliest signs of whiskers.  It is similar and aptly described.  This is a the stage when a man’s beard is soft and strokeable.

IMG_2331Some peel the skin off to enjoy eating it.  Others dig right in.  It is adaptable to either of a persona’s taste.

When that first bite is taken it is never done with cleanliness in mind.  Dribble and dripping juices seek the path of least resistance.  This reality is not a dissuading factor  rather it is part of the overall peach experience.

Then, there is the expanded pleasure of this peach.  It comes in the form of peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach salsa, peach preserves, peach jam or any other limitless concoction.  People love their peaches.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography