Dallas 2013 006Not far off-the-beaten track near New Braunfels, Texas are The Natural Bridge Caverns.  It was a great place to experience.    The idea of going underground during a hot Texas day made perfect sense to me.  At least we would be escaping the hot SW sun.

The name of Natural Bridge is self-evident from the rock bridge that spans the entrance to the Caverns.  It was an accidental discovery.  This is one of those splendid accidents.

Cave explorers helped the landowners to map out, give tours and continue the development of this popular tourist site.  They not only offer two different tours for guests but there is also an exploratory adventure for those who want more than a casual underground stroll.  For me the Dallas 2013 015gentle walk with a lot of stairs just about my speed.

After we paid our entry fee, the pathway to start the tour was well-marked.  Warnings were prevalent for those in questionable health to reconsider the tour.  I chuckled that the signs were much more prominent after the entry tickets were purchased.

We entered the cavern following our own pace.  Periodically, they have naturalists who Dallas 2013 053are stationed at key points along the route. There were a lot of people touring this amazing below-the-earth sensational wonder.

It was a wonder to gaze at the live stones around us.  The Stalactites and Stalagmites were slowly creeping to intersect and form columns.  Shapes, colors and darkness were the primary choices on the palette of the Creator.

The deeper we roamed the more amazing the formations.  Column after column looked like stalwart sentries guarding a community of water dripping over centuries.  Artificial lighting gave the scenery just the right kind of highlights to make all of us stop and drink it all into our mind’s eye.Dallas 2013 060

On more than one occasion I could see this backdrop in a major science fiction movie.  Yoda would come waddling out with his wisdom catchy phrase for the day.  Then, strange monsters would rumble through the cave chasing one of the Jedi knights.

Perhaps the path of the tour was designed to save the most amazing for the last.  Just before the exit tunnel led us back into the upper earth, we entered a chamber that had several levels to observe the cave’s beauty.  Like the four-story center of a major shopping mall, decorated for Christmas, with shoppers scurrying about with their packages, this climax was gorgeous.  God took His time setting this up.

photo credit: brucefong photography