My deep slumber was abruptly ended with the sound of breaking glass. Our alarm system sounded.  It was nerve-wracking to be startled from my sleep by horrific sounds and all the evidence that we were experiencing an intruder alert.

No doubt our security company would be acting immediately.  They are a top notch firm with an impressive track record. It would only be a matter of a six digit time span before authorities would be at our home.  That was an assurance for us but it would be only in time to mop up.  Whatever was about to happen would be finished by the time they arrived.

The intruder was trying to quietly make his way through the broken glass on the floor. Every step crunched the shards strewn over the tile. It announced his progress and gave me a precise location of their proximity in my home.  I was ready for him.

It did not matter.  I woke up from my dream.  The adrenalin rush was still coursing through my veins.  While I was ready and calm in my REM state, would I have been ready in real life?

Jesus Christ is coming again.  Some may feel that they can believe or not believe that this event is a future fact but it is an event that is far bigger than human opinion.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it.  His historical track record is 100% accurate on prophecy and promise.  We have every reason objectively to anticipate this coming reality.

Paul has already spoken about the return of Christ as it relates to Christians.  Theologians call this the Rapture of the Church.  It will be miraculous.  There is no doubt about that spectacular nature of this event.  However, there is more to it than blessing.  Judgment is also a picture of prophecy.

The “day of the Lord” describes a period of time after the Rapture. On the earth God will finally after much patience punish those who have acted in disbelief, lived selfishly, rejected God and hurt God’s servants.

While this time of terrible events is coming, the mystery of when it will in fact occur is uncertain.  That uncertainty is part of the prophetic purpose of these writings.  It serves both as a warning and a direction for correction that people would be well-advised to heed.

The apostle will not repeat what he has already made clear.  Christians know about hope.  It is a key point of their faith.  They are looking forward to a promise that the Lord has made to them.  This is a reunion between the Savior and those that belong to Him because they have been saved and placed into His family.

There is a very tender tone in the apostles writing.  He refers to the Thessalonian believers as “brothers”.  This family reference is real to him.  It is a deep connection that he senses with these Christians.  Together they have an eternal connection with their Savior.  All are looking forward to a reunion with Jesus.  However, this also means something horrific for non-Christians who will remain on the earth after the Church is raptured.

Paul had taught previously on the Day of the Lord.  Lessons from the Lord Himself and from other apostles may in fact be a part of their validated hope.  Since that has been done he did not need to expound on this prophetic material again.  The phrase “times and dates” points to the events that come before the Day of the Lord is initiated.  Christians are already locked into looking forward to this hope.

This dramatic time on the earth is future.  At no other time in modern human history will God be as overtly active as He will during this episode.  Old Testament prophets like Isaiah, Joel and Zephaniah have concentrated on describing this coming cataclysm.

The Day of the Lord begins immediately after the Rapture of the Church.  It continues through the beginning of the Millennial reign of Christ on the earth and until that thousand year period concludes.  The Apostle John describes these days in detail in the heart of his inspired writing of the Revelation.

When this event occurs, it will be a surprise to the people of the earth.  It will be unexpected.  Even with all of the warnings in the Scripture, people will be unprepared.  The image of a sleeping homeowner surprised by a thief in the night will be the comparable event.  This does not mean that Jesus will return at night.  Rather, it means that people will be preoccupied with other matters.  Their unbelief in God distracts them from looking forward to His coming.

Matters in the world lull the citizens of the world to assume that international government will give them world peace.  With peace they put their faith in themselves to assume that they are now safe.  However, the opposite will occur.  Destruction will be their future days.  What they had hoped for in human strength will decay immediately into domination by a world leader.  No one will escape the endless hunger for power and control.  This horrible day is coming. Are you ready?

LAPP: When God speaks, what He says is true.  This applies to prophecy as well.  If He says that something is going to happen, then it will happen.  He has a 100% perfect track record.  Justice of a divine nature will be poured out on the earth.  Those who love Him will heed His warning and live with prepared lives.  Are you right with God?