Dallas 2013 137Words make all the difference in our world.  It reflects life, it changes lives and it gives meaning and purpose to life.  Those moments when words are so influential come with perfect timing for the situation.

Circumstances call for someone to craft the combination of words that speaks at the moment.  It describes what everyone is thinking but they crystallize those thoughts into words on a page.  Suddenly, words show us that someone else knows everything about us at that moment.

When we try to express our feelings it is a struggle to find the right words.  Yet, others among have that gift.  They put into words exactly what we are thinking, observing or just “noodling” over in our minds.

Of course that kind of skill has to have some fun some time.  The talent with words is the same but the opportunity to bring laughter or draw out a smile on some faces or stimulate a chuckle has to be taken.  Who would not hit the ball out of the park if someone lobs a softball to them?

Dallas 2013 138I was with my bride while we wandered through various shops on a row of quaint stores and unusual businesses.  She did the shopping while I did my best to entertain myself some way somehow.   Then, a sign captured my attention.

There were no pictures on the sign.  Only words adorned this placard.  So, I read the words.  They made me laugh.  I smiled.  I chuckled.  Some did a good job of taking common words, a common life experience and put it to words.

No doubt the author had a good time with expressing himself or herself with this composition.  It was worth it to memorialize it on a permanent sign.  Someone would buy it and display it for others to enjoy.

Then, another sign made me pause.  It too had words only.  There were no pictures.  This one, however, had a lot more words.

These words were meaningful.  They spoke volumes about life, hurt and hope.  I could relate to every snippet in life that it was capturing.  It did so with selective effort, but wise editing.

It was about living.  Yet, people hurt us.  Nevertheless, we keep on living.  Ultimately, if we chose to keep it positive ourselves, we could do something that made life worth living.  We could help someone else live a life worth living too.

photo credit: brucefong photography