IMG_2501From Oscar’s point of view, life was getting weird.  For years he had the undivided attention of his master and madam.  He ruled the roost for attention, affection and routine intrusions.

The ooh’s, coo’s and cute comments were exclusively directed toward him.  After all, he was a handsome Lhasa Apso, with a winning personality to boot.  He is my daughter and son-in-laws family pet.  For years he was the focal point of family affection.  Now, however, that was going to change forever.

My daughter and son-in-law brought home their first child.  He is a baby, cute, cuddly and adorable.  It was an instant change in the spreading around of the love.

Lhasas have stubborn diva-like disposition.  If they sense an advantage they will ignore humans just to ratchet up the efforts for attracting more attention.  They are experts at milking the stroke and coaxing opportunities.  This was new territory, however.

A human baby requires the time and attention of both new parents.  They prepare to feed, cleanse and love on the new human addition.  Oscar feels the change.  It is a radical cataclysmic restructuring of time allocation.  None of it feels very good.

There is a lot of pouting that goes on.  The old tricks to vie for attention fall flat.  His attempts to be subtle in his urgency for needed attention are ignored.

If he is honest, he is included in everything.  Now, however, he is part of something rather than the center of something.  Will he embrace this and learn to give to the new star of the show?  Can he share what he has received for so many years?  Can his exclusive status now be broadened to include the notion of an expanding family?

Being just as important but now a player in a larger production is the reality of the day.  His great good looks are still there.  His charming personality still brings scratches, tickles and treats.

Hey wait a minute.  Here comes Pau Pau (Grandmother) and Goong Goong (Grandfather).  They rush in greet everyone, scratch Oscar but swoon over the baby.

It is one arm at a time though.  They cannot fight over the baby.  So, while Pau Pau is cuddling her first grandchild, Goong Goong holds Oscar.  Both are enjoying sharing the attention, while the new star is being showered with special attention.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography