IMG_2368Our friends Brent and Fran welcomed us to their country ranch in the Hills of Central Texas.  With the help of our GPS navigation we were routed directly to their red gates that led us down the gravel road to their beautiful historic stone home.  Together we carried on a non-stop conversation until it was time for dinner.

We drove into town and enjoyed a sumptuous meal as a local eatery.  Again our conversation was delightful, informative and brought to the brink of our next transition, our ride back to their home.  That’s when the real fun began.

During our conversation we discovered that they were the proud owners of French Bulldogs.  Not only were they delighted with their family pets, they also had puppies to boot!  We were eager to meet these special members of the family.

Back at the ranch we waited in the living room.  Brent kept us company.  Fran was out retrieving the pride and joy of the ranch.

IMG_2392The door opened and the entertainment began.  A French bulldog is comical just in its appearance.  They make you smile and laugh just at first glimpse.

Introductions are just the beginning.  Antics follow and personalities exploit those activities.  The way these fantastic animals walk, stand like a comma, tilt their faces and cock their ears is hilarious.  These are lovable animals and they do not even realize how much they can capture the affection of humans so quickly just by being themselves.

I reached down and found the favorite spot on one of the Bulldogs back.  He paused and his hind leg was dancing in the air.  In the meantime he had the greatest look of satisfaction on his face, nearly sighing with delight milking the entire scratching experience to total and complete satisfaction.

IMG_2348Soon, they were up on the sofa.  Formalities were completed.  There was no need for pretentious manners with the strangers any longer.  These two lovable animals were in our laps.  We welcomed them!

I do not remember how long I smile but found my face aching from smiling so long.  Now, I could settle down and enjoy the cuddling while our conversation with our friends picked up where we had left off a few moments ago.  We had added company and more conversation topics to cover with the added lives mingling among us.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography