IMG_2558The sand expanse seemed endless.  For miles the sparkling sand flow up to the horizon but promise to continue on beyond that and follow the curvature of the earth.  My mind has  to accept a change  of focus or my comprehension of what is nearly limitless will rattle my serenity.

It was low tide.  It is early and most people are still in bed.  The sunrays have lit up the beach.  We are some of the first to venture on the landscape and see what the pulsating sea has left over a night-time of saturating the land.

Scattered about are light-colored circles.  They show up clearly against the light brown sea-soaked sand.  Our steps divert themselves from one disk to the next.

Most are broken sand dollars.  Their center is crushed and so we let those lie to become part of the massive mounds of sand.  Weather, sea, gulls break these empty shells and pulverize them to join the myriad of specks of stone and other geological and biological leftovers.

IMG_2560We collected a handful of complete sand dollars.  It was so gratifying to find them intact.  Discovering them after hunting them based on our planned early morning walk was satisfying.

Our venture was to experience an added treat.  A pair of locals were dressed for a special hunt.  Shorts, jackets, hats and knee-high rubber boots were the uniform of the day.  Dangling from their belts was a collecting net.  In their hands was a clam gun.  No, there is no gunpowder, trigger or muzzle brake.

Their primary piece of equipment was a metal tube perhaps six inches in diameter.  They were about three feet in length with a bar for a handle welding to one end.  That end with the handle is caped with a small hole for controlling suction.

They were out for Razor clams, a delicacy among those who savor shellfish.  One of the pair and I struck up a conversation.  I asked him how he knew where to insert the clam gun.  He pointed out the telltale sign of a Razor clam hiding two feet under the surface of the sand.  This clammer went into action.

After two insertions he dumped the sand from the tube and picked up a delectable Razor clam.  It was a treat to watch someone in action who knew what they wanted and how they would get it done.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography