IMG_2567Have you seen the Pacific?  Pictures do not really count.  They are so limiting.  To experience the mighty Ocean there is a require to let your body be minimized by the sheer magnitude of the Left Coast.

A visit to this part of the USA easily begins from high above the shoreline.  Our eyes behold the expanse, marvelling at the comparison between the sky and the sea.  In our mind we know that the heavens win yet the ocean is competing for our souls to come to a different conclusion.   There is very little that is scientific about this objective.  That is the Ocean, though, far more soulish than scientific.

IMG_2570When we pulled over to a viewpoint, we join many other coastal travellers.  They were not in a hurry or least had enough time to take in the vistas.  It was breathtaking.

I stepped up closely to the stone wall.  On the other side of this barricade was a steep precipice that lead all the way to the sea. It was hundreds of feet down.  We were safe since the man-made divider was anchored into the rocky cliff.

The sandy shores beautifully stretched out in a gentle curve to the  South.  Foamy salty surf kept up its incessant pounding on the beaches.  Frigid temperatures keep most people on the shore.  A few wetsuit clad surfers were grabbing waves for a swift ride toward the shore.

From a totally imaginative mind we could toy with the idea that when created the heavens and the earth, He took a lot of IMG_2571extra time here on the shores of the Oregon coast.  It certainly shows.  His signature is all over that place.

We drove down the mountain.  Then, we elected to turn it at Rockaway State Park.  Fond memories of fishing adventures, sand sitting moments and rock jetty hopping flooded my spirit.  Our family had many moments of hunting for clams, roasting marshmallows over a fire, setting up our tents in the sandy camping sites and filling the picnic tables with our food for the journey could be recalled from my memory banks.

A seagull landed on a large rock.  He was a familiar face.  Years ago he looked for food that we would have left unguarded and absconded with his morning meal.  We had nothing for him but a smile recalling his clever techniques in the past.  This coast is a beautiful place for bountiful memories.

photo credit: brucefong photography